why podcasts are great for content marketing for businesses

Why Podcasts Are Great for Content Marketing

The goal of any good content marketing strategy is to bring value to your audience. If you haven’t thought about using podcasts as part of your overall content marketing strategy, it’s time you did. Podcasts are great for content marketing! In this post, you’ll get a glimpse of who’s using …

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expert content marketing tips from expert Joe pulizzi

9 Expert Content Marketing Tips from Joe Pulizzi

I’ve been a fan of Joe Pulizzi since I attended his first Content Marketing World conference oh so many years ago. Joe is not only the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, he’s a best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, and highly successful entrepreneur. He’s also one of the world’s top content …

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why add a blog to your website

7 Reasons You Should Add a Blog to Your Website

As a business owner, you may be on the fence about whether to include a blog on your website. Or perhaps you already have a blog that gets little to no attention and you’re wondering whether you should just dump it altogether.  My advice: if you don’t have a blog, …

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seo essentials for content marketers

SEO Essentials for Boosting Website Traffic

You want your website to rank high on Google, and you’ve heard search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to making that happen. Yet, as a beginner with limited tech experience, SEO seems a bit daunting, and you’re not sure where to start. No worries; this quick guide offers top …

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11 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

11 Top Content Marketing Mistakes

The benefits of hopping on the content marketing train are so obvious that most people are eager to get started. The problem is that many business owners get demoralized when they don’t see the results they expect from their efforts. Content marketing works and is highly cost-effective, provided you’re not …

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the buyer's journey and content marketing

The Buyer’s Journey & Its Impact on Content Marketing

When you’re trying to decide which content marketing techniques will work best for you, there are a number of things to consider.  Before you jump into developing new content for your business, I recommend you first think about your buyer’s journey. Then, you’ll be prepared to choose the best content …

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